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Tag Circuit

?Tag circuit

??available to hard tags

Small square coil

Large square coil

Small round conical coil

Small round conical coil

Large round flat coil

Large round conical coil
Cap: #20 steel plated by zinc
Balls: GCr 15 Plated by Chrome. HRC62-65
Holder: #45 Steel Double plated by copper and zinc.
Spring: #I Spring steel plated by zinc.
Tractive Power: up to 60kg /132bs/588N
?3-Balls Clutch is 50% stronger than the traditional mechanism. The unique holder fastens the balls to make them always in the same plane.It makes much more difficult for shoplifter to spin the pin out than 4 balls mechanism.
SuperLock is an extra strong lock that can be put inside any of the Hard Tags we offer. This special Lock is 80% stronger than the standard locks. It is much more difficult for a shoplifter to remove the Pin from the Tag. It uses a super detacher to unlock.
AM Coil : 58Khz

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